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These are some of the critical questions our clients ask and their answers. Please feel free to contact us below via phone or contact form to get your free consultation and questions answered!


Field Analysis

Earthrive works either onsite or with the farmer to sample the fields for evaluation. The evaluation is done in a timely manner so that the recommendation can be quickly administered.

Field Interpretation

Earthrive interprets the data and trains the farmer to do the same. We pinpoint excesses, deficiencies, toxins, pH issues, CEC issues and lack of or too much of mobilization of nutrients. It is important that the entire story of the field be extrapolated from the field analysis before making the recommendation.

Targeted Recommendations

Once we’ve unpacked the field culprits, including water, we recommend an initial application schedule to begin balancing out the fields PPMs. Future testing will now reveal a new picture, which fine tunes the custom blend so we are always “just right” with what the soil needs and what the leaves in a foliar spray need.

Urgent Field Care

Sometimes we have fields that are in dire straits. We do our best to react in an emergency situation to treat fields with special circumstances without any testing to go by. We have made room for being able to do this if need be, but we cannot guarantee results, though we have been 100% successful with other urgent care fields!


How much Custom Blending am I going to do?

You aren’t going to custom blend. We custom blend and ship the nutrients needed for the present application schedule. What is important is that the staff is trained to follow the schedule for both fertigation (soil injection) and foliar. Each custom blend comes in 3 parts, it is labeled to the field it belongs to and should not be mistaken or used on a different field at a different time.

Are these fertilizers certified organic?

Yes as individual products, they are all OMRI listed or equivalent. For CDFA, Custom Blends fall under a statute that the CDFA organic certifier must review and approve before we put it out on the farm. We are more than happy to help CDFA organic certifiers with this process. Conventional farmers do not need this certification.

What's the difference between the products you use and everyone else?

The source material and how we digest it to make it available. And that is a HUGE difference that we need to explain in many ways. Basically, the cell magnetically receives the nutrition at a smaller than nano level because the trade secret proprietary surfactants used to encase the nutrition is designed to go right through the cell and deliver a “smorgasbord” of healthy and raw nutrition. Essentially, the “law of minimums” has been broken, and the plant tissue cell and soil microbial cell are now equipped with everything they need to optimally co-exist. The result is a near perfect pH, which unlleashes mineral potential across the board and stops nutrient lock out. The poetry of our approach can be seen in the results and other farmers’ testimonials for the program.

Will I always need your assistance?

We are here to empower and teach. Ultimately and ideally, we go through stages where after you are comfortable with the results and wish to adopt it throughout the whole farm, we will work to make sure we are a tech support for whomever is in charge of the farm’s fertigation program. We are not pushy… We really need everyome on board, otherwise not following the exact instructions of the application schedule can skew results. This is why we start with a test field block and make sure this “beta test” is clear to all involved. We want for you to understand how these minerals behave and how their levels from a test correlate to the results in the field. As the program works and this new understanding, and the issues turn a corner and get solved, we begin to trust that this is not only the best way to fertigate but also how nature intended. Good, raw, microbial friendly, calculated, proper ratio delivery of available PPMs. The right source, at the right time, in the right amount. That’s our goal for all our clients.

How much does this all cost?

There are a few cost components to this program:

1. The tests from sampling of soil, water and leaf

2. The fertilizer nutritional blends per application schedule

3. Economical fertigator (if needed) for ground level injection (one-time purchase)

4. Ability to foliar feed for above ground leaf and blossom nutrition

5. Triple Helix (optional) water restructuring device (one time purchase)

6. Water treatment iodine disinfectant system (if needed)

We cannot tell you how much per acre. The unique testing we do will give us the infomation we need to create a recommendation. We work within your budget and goals. Since we are putting both nutrition and pest/disease control in one basket, this is must be considered in your financial thinking. Most farmers se cheap nutrition per acre but pay quite a bit for spraying adjuvants, pesticides, fungicides per acre in order to prevent or solve a problem that elicits fear of loss of the crop. We humans take a simliar approach to our animals health and even our own. Turns out, it’s all about proper, real, raw nature-made nutrition in the right form and the disease pest issues seem to dwindle as a result.

Depending on your goals, we will work within them, however, we need carte blanche when it comes to us “guaranteeing results” with our program. The more we put on, the more often, the sooner we turn around the soil and bring it into balance.

We can only see the next peak to cross in this journey, so contact us and let’s focus on the test and what it means so you begin to become extremely well educated on what’s really going on in your water, soil and crop. From there, we will cross the next peak of the budget. Our goal is that you lower it over time, while increasing yields per acre. Let’s talk about it!

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